Prayers To Hachiman

It is a wise warrior who gives time for rest, prayers and meditation before entering battle. The centering of the mind coupled with offerings to an over-watching deity has been practiced for time immemorial as preparations for doing battle. While ritual of this very sort is common throughout the world, it was the Samurai who came to mind as I observed this handsome bull bed down just below the larger of his species in the image posted yesterday.

There didn't seem to be any distress from him, nor did he seem tired, and while the larger bull was quite active, bugling for the cows and strutting around the tundra, this slightly smaller bull calmly took his graze then gracefully nestled into this bed as though nothing in the world at all, from the anxious bull to the many human onlookers, even existed to break his calm. Watching him brought to mind the quintessential warrior making his preparations for war, giving pause to clear the mind and give offerings to the deity of the impending battle that is the rut.

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