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“Making images of life and experiences, whether it be the natural beauty of the wilderness and its inhabitants, a portrait to be enjoyed for time immemorial, or a favorite song played to a crowd of endearing fans, has grown into an incredible passion for me.  Photography allows me a way to share these fleeting, beautiful moments with those that could not be there with me”

~James DeWalt

The phrase it “it takes a village to raise a child” meets reality with the vast majority of herding animals, with mountain goats being no exception. Often times the young are left with a Nanny to watch over them and care for them, allowing the parents to forage elsewhere while the little ones are still under the watchful eyes of an adult. I happened upon this merry band on a cloudy day above 14k’ as the nanny was giving her blessing (and likely laying down the rules) to the little ones before allowing them to go about their afternoon romp on the alpine tundra. From June 14th through the 20th, head HERE  to receive 10% off all available print sizes and mediums and enjoy this nursery view every day in your home or office!

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James DeWalt Photography, Life in Nature

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From portraiture, special events and live music, to the wilds of the natural world around us, James DeWalt Photography is here to capture the memories!