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“Making images of life and experiences, whether it be the natural beauty of the wilderness and its inhabitants, a portrait to be enjoyed for time immemorial, or a favorite song played to a crowd of endearing fans, has grown into an incredible passion for me.  Photography allows me a way to share these fleeting, beautiful moments with those that could not be there with me”

~James DeWalt

This weeks featured image comes from the incredibly surreal early fall of 2020 as multiple wildfires ravaged the mountains of Colorado.    I was out capturing images of the elk rut on a particularly smoke-hazy evening, and as I was changing my position while shooting a few bulls, turned to face this stunning scene as the setting sun poured its rays through the oppressive miasma that was drifting eastward from the East Troublesome fire just across the divide,  From February 22nd through the 28th, head HERE  to receive 15% off all available sizes and print mediums, and enjoy this stunning display of natures glory every day in your own home or office!

Extra note!  Aside from the featured image this week, the remainder of the gallery will be offline for a much needed and long overdue overhaul.  We apologize for any inconvenience!

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James DeWalt Photography, Life in Nature

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From portraiture, special events and live music, to the wilds of the natural world around us, James DeWalt Photography is here to capture the memories!