About James

James DeWalt grew up in a family of Photographers. His grandfather was an avid amateur
photographer as was his Father. In his youth, subjected to endless family photos, he never
believed he would become the fine art photographer that he is today. When looking at his work
one can see that he was clearly born to the craft, and it is truly in his blood. James’s natural
talent and use of light and line creates compositions that impress, whether in crisp colors or the
striking contrast of his black and whites.

Residing in the state of Colorado has been the major contributor to James’ inspirations. James
says he has always had two great passions in life, the first being nature and the magic that
resides in the world outdoors. The second passion is music, the magical world that resides
inside the heart of us all. James DeWalt’s photography is an journey of his experience into both
of these realms. His writings paired with his photography often transport the reader inside of the
images he presents as if you were standing beside him as he wanders through the forest
looking into the eyes of wildlife or standing atop of majestic peaks. His sense has a way of
capturing the very essence of the animals or the feeling of awe in a sunset.

His passion for music and his love of people can be seen in his concert photography. Whether
photographing the musicians or the crowd he takes the viewer into the very depth of his
subjects. One can almost feel the heart of the music, the crowd, or the rhythm of the moments
he has captured. For those lucky enough to have been there, he brings the viewer back to
moments of bliss, feeling the power of music. For those who were not lucky enough to be in
those moments with him, James is always is there, capturing them for those who could not be
there themselves. His photos, whether a session with clients, a beautiful landscape or a raucous
concert, are a gift of a beautiful moment captured in time. Lucky are the people who get to hold
those moments forever on their walls.