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In a world where practically everyone has a camera on their vacations or adventures, there is always something missing from the resulting photos, that usually being the person behind the camera taking the image.

Indian Peaks Adventure Portraits is here to take care of that little inconvenience for you, and provide you with a variety of options to get out with you, capturing candid photos and portraiture of you and your loved ones in this beautiful area. Whether it be a bit of sightseeing around town, a short hike on one of our many beautiful trails, or a whole day out in the wild mountains, Adventure Portraits will make sure everyone gets in the photos you want to remember your special time spent in Colorado with.

Families, couples, small groups, and even intrepid solo adventurers are welcome to join in the fun and take home professional quality images of your trip of a lifetime. Pets are certainly welcome as well, providing the excursion is in an area that allows them.