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This week finds me joining millions of others across the United States and around the world with a new reality due to the ongoing threat of Covid-19, in that my current livelihood and income is in jeopardy.  Not only do I enjoy a career in photography, I have also spent the vast majority of my life in the food and beverage industry, as a chef , bar tender and server, and am still involved in the industry as a substantial source of income as I grow my photography business.  With the spread of Covid-19 and subsequent measures of pro-active quarantine and social distancing, I find myself not only out of work with portraiture and concert/event photography, but also out of work in the realm of food and beverage until we can gain a grip on this pandemic and begin to return to a sense of normalcy and general good health.  This leaves me with the nature work as a main source of income. 

Until now I have run a weekly featured image on the Life in Nature Etsy gallery, offering up an image for sale as a source of supplemental income.  Starting this week (March 16th) I am shifting gears to a different tune in hopes of not only trying to improve my current financial outlook, but to also give aid to my community, whether it be my immediate local scene, or the world community at large.  

Each week I will be featuring a different cause to support and donate 20% of any gallery sales for that week to the chosen cause.  This will not only help to supply me with a small stipend of income to make it through these difficult times, but also to help others in need as well.  I understand that we are entering into a challenging financial place for everyone, and purchasing art tends to fall fairly low in budget priority, but I hope that this effort persuades you to help out in some way the betterment of humanity as a whole, keep this artist alive, and still enjoy a piece of nature for your very own.  

To make a purchase and small contribution to both the continuance of my work as well as the general improvement of humanity, click here:
Life in Nature Etsy gallery

Thank you kindly for your support, and if you have any suggestions for a specific cause for me to donate funds towards, please feel free to email me at with your thoughts!

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