Photo shoot pricing is based on a session fee for the time and talent
of the artist, with finished prints and digital-only images priced separately
once the photographs are made available on the proof site.
Payment for all sessions is due prior to the start of any shooting.

Family and Small Group Photography

Fees are set for up to 6 people per session, and $50 for each additional person. Unless a specific location indoors is requested by a client, all sessions are done outdoors, weather permitting. Image re-touching is $20/image.

Your One and Only

This package is for those interested in a simple full
family or group portrait without additional portraits
of individuals, approximately a 30 minute session of
shooting, providing a selection of arrangements to
choose from.

The Simple Family

This session provides approximately an hour and a half
session of shooting offering a selection of full family or
group images and individual portraits of parents and
children or group members.

The Outing

The outing package is a "full featured" option, taking
the family or group out for an "adventure" shoot in the
back country or a clients favorite hiking trail or recreation
area. The Outing offers 2.5-3 hours on location capturing
a variety of full group settings, individual and small group
settings, and candid images captured along the way.

James DeWalt Photography

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James DeWalt Photography

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School Photos/Individual Portrait/Professional Headshots

These sessions are also offered for couples as well as individuals looking to capture portraits of or with their pets. As with the Family/Group sessions, unless specifically requested, all sessions are done outdoors, weather permitting. Image re-touching is $20/image.

Entry Level

This session provides a 10 minute shoot with one image setting, ideal
for one simply needing a company matching headshot for an employer,
but not interested in a selection of images to choose from.

Sitting Pretty

This session provides a half hour of shooting with 2 different
settings and a selection of images to choose from.

The Look

This option provides a full hour of shooting with a handful of different
settings to choose from

Runway Ready

This session provides an hour and a half of shooting with multiple
settings and allows for one wardrobe change

Band Photography

Press Kit Sessions

The EPK session prices are based on up to 6 members, and an additional $50 per member beyond 6.

The Groupie

Designed for the quick, the Groupie session is
just what the name implies. A 30 minute session
offering 3 full band images only

Band on the Run

This package offers an hour and a half session providing 2 full
band portraits and a selection of individual member
headshots. If the band size is over 6 members, additional
time is allowed for the individual headshots

Image Licensing

If you are interested in licensing any image for commercial use, please contact James HERE for details, as prices vary depending on the intended use.

James DeWalt Photography

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